The Final Round of 1st Edition PolkaPets Partners Sale is Here!

  • Future Raze Program ticket/access
  • Unique holding value
  • Possible future airdrops/rewards
  • The ability to use the Raze NFT in Raze Network
  • Bifrost NFT Airdrop: The prize pool is 2 vETH, the first 100 NFTs, and each NFT airdrops 0.02 vETH.
  • NFT Airdrop Method: the first 100 sold NFT, each NFT can get 0.02 vETH airdrop bonus.
  • Airdrop Claim: According to the NFT purchase details, Bifrost will directly airdrop the address of the first 100 NFTs after the event is over.
  • Airdrop Issuing: after the end of the airdrop, the prize will be issued within 3 working days.
  • Before the Bifrost mainnet goes live, addresses holding a certain number of BNC vouchers will have the opportunity to receive Bifrost Polkapet NFT airdrop as soon as Ethereum connects with Polkadot.
  • Participation in Bifrost priority testing for various products.
  • Developers with NFT can become Bifrost builders and get Bifrost technical guidance.
  • The NFT badge for Polkadot will be displayed across Litentry’s product to mark the owner of this PolkaPet
  • 800 LIT for rewards (1 LIT per wallet)
  • Utility within Phala Network core product: pBridges.
  • Priority access to the first batch of pBridges! Phala Network ecosystem utility.
  • You’ll be invited to first-round trials of many Phala-based products! These include Web3 Analytics, pDiem, pBTC/pDOGE/pBTG, Darkpool…
  • You’ll have the chance to get airdrops for many future NFTs/tokens built on Phala Network
  • A chance to win 1 of 100 Bond Protect PolkaPet 1st Edition Cards

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