Meet the Polygon Pets: Kaali’s Story Part 2

3 min readSep 21, 2022

September 21st, 2022 — The story of Kaali continues with the next page of our saga! If you missed the first page and intro to Kaali (Outcast of Ventus), you can view it here.


It would be night soon, and her routine would begin once again. Her newest hobby and her only past-time in the self-imposed exile she’d inflicted upon herself would once again pass the night away.

Walking. Stalking.

Kaali slunk out from the cave’s mouth, her paws treading the ground like the touch of cotton on water’s surface. There was no sound. No echo. She kept herself low, near the ground, near the thrum of the earth, and allowed the unending rain to soak into her dark fur. She melded into the shadows fully.

In the darkness, Kaali felt warm. Comforted. And even through her irrational guilt, she continued to do it. She worked to accept herself and what she now was.

She was no longer the Storm Princess.

Now she was simply Kaali. Perhaps more. Perhaps less. Or perhaps it was neither of those things, in that her identity was now a different shape entirely. No one that saw her now would have believed that she used to be one of the most powerful air elementals in existence.

No, there was no storm around her. No lightning, no crackle of thunder like her brother’s. Instead, what followed her was a soft wind, accented by shadow and embraced by moonlight.


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