Meet the Polygon Pets: Kaali

4 min readAug 26, 2022

August 26th, 2022 — Yesterday we introduced you to our first pet Paarja, and now it’s time to meet our second, Kaali.

Kaali has a turbulent background to say the least, and is the disgraced storm princess of Ventus, the Prime Elemental Realm of Air. Following an adventure into the dead world of Inanis, the Prime Elemental Realm of Shadow, her essence as an elemental was corrupted by the dark energies of the realm through a battle with the younger Shadow Queen.

Re-emerging as a hybrid elemental of both storm and shadow, she belongs to neither Ventus or Inanis, and has since run away to the Mortal Realm to escape the ridicule of her peers. What does her uncertain future hold?

Kaali’s story begins:

Kaali’s story begins straight after she meets Paarja. Following their meeting, a fight breaks out between the pair due to Paarja’s desire to bring Kaali back home.

The battle is nostalgic to her. As close siblings and contenders for the Storm Throne in Ventus, the two enjoy exchanging blows again.

Paarja laughs and ramps up his attacks, only to get offended once Kaali retaliates with her full abilities — including the shadow powers she received from Inanis.

The two argue and reach a misunderstanding, which then turns far more personal. Kaali thinks Paarja is no better than the rest of their family, who ridiculed her for being a hybrid elemental, while the proud Paarja simply dislikes how she uses her powers to fight like a coward, with tricks and misdirection.

But then, right before they come to blows again, a group of hostile elementals under the Shadow Queen descend from the clouds.

Both siblings repel the hostile elementals and after Paarja acknowledges Kaali’s new powers. The short story ends as Kaali mentions Baiyun, who they now need to save.

How to get your “Noble Onyx” Rarity Kaali:

1. Fill in our dedicated web form, which we will publish to the community on the 29th August 2022. We’ll need your email and Polygon (Eth) wallet address, so that we can whitelist you for the claim. The form will remain open until 11.59pm on the 2nd September.

2. We’ll be opening our Forj Shop a week after the close of the whitelist submission form, where you’ll be able to claim your Polygon Pet for free. You’ll be limited to one pet, delivered via a Polygon Pets Mystery Box! You will only know which of our three available Polygon Pets you’ve got after opening the box.

3. Open your Polygon Pets Mystery Box in the Mystery Box section in the Pets dApp to see who you’ve got!

Note: The total amount of Kaali Polygon Pets minted will be defined by the number of eligible entrants and the number of randomly minted Kaali Pets.

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