The Next Round of PolkaPets Sale is Here!

This week we are featuring Litentry and Plasm Network sales into The World of PolkaPets!

The time has finally arrived, and TODAY, Friday March 12th, at 4pm EST PolkaPets can be purchased here:


800 cards of each will be sold on BondSwap.

Cards will be on sale for 0.15 WETH or $BONDLY tokens (calculated at time of sale).

Each Cards’ Utility:

Litentry NFT Utility:

  • The NFT badge of LITENTRY will be displayed across Litentry’s product to mark the owner of the PolkaPet LITENTRY.
  • Purchases in the initial sale and owning LITENTRY will both get extra Litentry Sparks, which is a player score for an ecological game that will be released in the future.
  • Each NFT sold in the initial sale is guaranteed to have 5 LIT as rewards.
  • Future airdrops to these NFT owners.
  • Verifiably scarce and limited edition art!
  • Access to PolkaPets world, the world’s first blockchain-based, collectible monsters game!

Plasm Network NFT Utility:

  • You will own a limited edition Plasm NFT art-card!
  • TBD exclusive VIP benefits within Plasm Network. All holders will be notified about the VIP benefits in time.
  • Be part of the exclusive PolkaPets world, the world’s first blockchain-based, collectible monsters game, and get extra in-game power.

About PolkaPets

PolkaPets is a digital, collectible card game that features many Polkadot projects to bring an interactive utility to the blockchain. Each PolkaPet has its own unique attributes from abilities and behaviors that express each Polkadot project individually. PolkaPets brings the ability to utilize NFTs through a gaming community, as well as tying real-world collectibles to the digital markets!

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PolkaPets is our answer to making blockchain more interactive. Our NFT Collectible Card Game with Unique Utility is Coming Soon!

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