The Final Round of 1st Edition PolkaPets Partners Sale is Here!

3 min readApr 16, 2021


This week we are welcoming Raze, Bifrost, and Polkadot into the world of PolkaPets!

The time has finally arrived: on Friday April 16th, 4 p.m. EST, the final round of 1st Edition PolkaPets Partners can be purchased here:


800 cards of each will be sold on BondSwap.

Cards will be on sale for 0.15 ETH or $BONDLY tokens (calculated at time of sale).

Each Card’s Utility

Raze NFT Utility:

The Raze NFT secures you the following benefits and utility:

  • Future Raze Program ticket/access
  • Unique holding value
  • Possible future airdrops/rewards
  • The ability to use the Raze NFT in Raze Network

Bifrost NFT Utility:

The Bifrost NFT secures you the following benefits and utility:

  • Bifrost NFT Airdrop: The prize pool is 2 vETH, the first 100 NFTs, and each NFT airdrops 0.02 vETH.
  • NFT Airdrop Method: the first 100 sold NFT, each NFT can get 0.02 vETH airdrop bonus.
  • Airdrop Claim: According to the NFT purchase details, Bifrost will directly airdrop the address of the first 100 NFTs after the event is over.
  • Airdrop Issuing: after the end of the airdrop, the prize will be issued within 3 working days.
  • Before the Bifrost mainnet goes live, addresses holding a certain number of BNC vouchers will have the opportunity to receive Bifrost Polkapet NFT airdrop as soon as Ethereum connects with Polkadot.
  • Participation in Bifrost priority testing for various products.
  • Developers with NFT can become Bifrost builders and get Bifrost technical guidance.

Polkadot NFT Utility:

The Polkadot NFT secures you the following benefits and utility:


  • The NFT badge for Polkadot will be displayed across Litentry’s product to mark the owner of this PolkaPet
  • 800 LIT for rewards (1 LIT per wallet)


  • Utility within Phala Network core product: pBridges.
  • Priority access to the first batch of pBridges! Phala Network ecosystem utility.
  • You’ll be invited to first-round trials of many Phala-based products! These include Web3 Analytics, pDiem, pBTC/pDOGE/pBTG, Darkpool…
  • You’ll have the chance to get airdrops for many future NFTs/tokens built on Phala Network


  • A chance to win 1 of 100 Bond Protect PolkaPet 1st Edition Cards

About PolkaPets

PolkaPets is a digital, collectible card game that features many Polkadot projects to bring an interactive utility to the blockchain. Each PolkaPet has its own unique attributes from abilities and behaviors that express each Polkadot project individually. PolkaPets brings the ability to utilize NFTs through a gaming community, as well as tying real-world collectibles to the digital markets!

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PolkaPets is our answer to making blockchain more interactive. Our NFT Collectible Card Game with Unique Utility is Coming Soon!