Solarbeam Protopet NFT Claim & Utility

3 min readMar 4, 2022


March 4, 2022 — After receiving lots of questions and enthusiasm from the community, we are pleased to announce the utility being provided by Solarbeam and the Solarbeam Protopet NFT, as well as how winners can claim theirs now!

Back in October, Solarbeam revealed their IDO and NFT launchpad, Eclipse. Owners of the Solarbeam Protopet NFT will have a 100x multiplier granted to them on upcoming IDOs on the Eclipse launchpad!

For example:


- The user stakes $100 of SOLAR-MOVR liquidity pair and reaches the pool cap.

- The 100x multiplier raises the limit that A user can commit by 100 times.

As a result, the owners of Solarbeam will be able to commit up to $10,000 in the basic pool!

All users participating in Eclipse’s basic pool get a percentage of their commitment as allocation, depending on the overflow of the pool and any spare LP are refunded.

This means that a higher commitment cap gives the ability of a potential higher allocation of the launching project’s token.


- There is no limit to the amount that a user can commit, so the multiplier in the unlimited pool acts as a weight when calculating allocation.

- Someone with a 100x multiplier will get 100 times more allocation than someone with a 1x multiplier in the unlimited pool, even if they committed the same amount of money.

- If two users have committed $100, the user with the 1x multiplier will get an allocation of $1 and the other $99 is refunded. The second user with the 100x multiplier will get $100 as allocation and will not receive anything back. The calculation is also based on the overflow of the pool and the multipliers of the people participating.

For more information about Solarbeam’s Eclipse Launchpad and how their pools work, check out this article from their team.


  1. Head to:
  2. Find the Solarbeam Pool and connect with your winning wallet address via the Ethereum Mainnet.
  3. Once connected, click the “Claim” button and confirm the transaction.
  4. You’re all set — you now have your Solarbeam NFT!

Congratulations again to everyone who got their hands on a Solarbeam Protopet NFT and continue watching for updates as Solarbeam announces the first IDO that these new utilities will apply to!

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