PolkaPet World Announces $PETS Token Airdrop

$PETS Token Airdrop for our Loyal Community

Further $PETS Airdrops for PolkaPet Holders

… and that’s not all

Airdrop Schedule for First Edition PolkPet Holders

Some rules:

  1. Tokens are awarded per PolkaPet held at the time of the respective snapshot for each airdrop, and paid out only to the wallet that held that NFT at that point in time.
  2. Duplicate PolkaPets (or full sets of PolkaPets) held in the same wallet are still eligible.
  3. You are still eligible to receive the ‘OG’ bonus from the 30th August snapshot even if you no longer own that PolkaPet.
  4. Please keep in mind that if you possess the whole PolkaPet collection each PolkaPet from that collection needs to be stored in the same wallet in order to be considered for the full set bonus of 500 $PETS. 👈
  5. Airdrops will be conducted on the Moonriver network, detailed guidance will be provided.

Just A Quick Reminder…

  • Stake $PETS for attractive APY% on partner tokens, exclusive NFT drops, content and merchandise
  • Earn $PETS through using the products and services of PolkPet partners, and through P2E games
  • Govern using your $PETS token, voting on everything from art to new PolkaPet partners and more

More about PolkaPets:



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PolkaPets is our answer to making blockchain more interactive. Our NFT Collectible Card Game with Unique Utility is Coming Soon!