Phala Announces 300 Whitelist Giveaway for ‘Shadow Nexus’ & ‘Phala Privacy Pill’ NFT Holders

Phala PolkaPet (Shadow Nexus)
The Phala Pill NFT is a unique capsule embodying the concept of privacy, co-created by the artist Daily Dose and Phala.
  1. Head to the Phala World official website and log in with your Khala account.
  2. Link your ETH and Khala address on MCP website. ETH accounts need to be in the holder list and the Khala account will be prepared to accept whitelist qualification.
  3. Claim your ‘Spirit’ NFT! The first 300 holders who follow the instructions and claim their Spirit NFT will be eligible for the whitelist! First come, first win. If you are the first 300 you will know!



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