Meet the Polygon Pets: Baiyun’s Story Part Two

3 min readSep 19, 2022

September 19th, 2022 — The story of Baiyun continues with the next page of our saga! If you missed the first page and intro to Baiyun (Keeper of Notus), you can view it here.


Another boom. A lance of red lightning struck towards him.

Baiyun’s eyes constricted. He twisted to the side, channeling his elemental energy to send a pulse of pressurized air out from his paws. Airwalking. The technique saved his life. The bloody light missed him by inches. In a desperate attempt to lose his pursuers, Baiyun dove down, deeper into a cumulonimbus’s great embrace.

A growl echoed behind him. It was a low rumble, like thousands of tons of earth shifting all at once. The sound of a mountain’s collapse.

Baiyun risked a glance behind him… and he saw it.

A shadow. A silhouette. A form in the clouds, outlined against the flashes of crimson lightning. It had a huge maw, lined with razor teeth. Scaled skin like the edge of a cliff, jagged and cruel, seemed to lacerate the wind as it flew through the sky. Eyes as red as a blood moon watched him with a cold, predatory patience.


The word echoed behind him as if spoken by a thousand harsh whispers. A titanic tail swept through the clouds and the cumulonimbus shuddered.


Stay tuned for the third part of Baiyun’s story, which will be instrumental to participate in our Treasure Hunt event for the Royal Sapphire Pets and their playable metaverse avatars that you will receive!

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