Introducing TrustBase, Wing Finance, Crust Network, and Spider DAO

We are proud to announce the next additions to the World of PolkaPets!

PolkaPets TCG is an NFT Collectible Card Game where each PolkaPet, embodied as an artistic creature, represents a specific project within the PolkaPet ecosystem. The abilities, behaviors, and strengths of these creatures are connected to the specific vision of the Polkadot project of which that creature represents.

To learn more about how the PolkaPets TCG will work, read our initial announcement.

We also believe in the value and fun the PolkaPets TCG has to offer beyond just collectibles, so each card will be playable within a broader game that will be announced in the future.

Today, we’re excited to announce the next four PolkaPet Partners: TrustBase, WING Finance, Crust Network, and Spider DAO!!!


TrustBase loves a good challenge. It is often found climbing the tallest trees and lifting the heaviest rocks. Adventurous, bold, and competitive, TrustBase has a need to set physical goals for itself. They enjoy working out and building things, so it is no surprise that TrustBase can pack a powerful punch. They use their strength to help build communities for PolkaPets and human beings. They do not bode well in places with empty areas.


Wing Finance

Wing loves to glide in high places. It is often found cruising through environments with a lot of wind. Adventurous, thrilling, and extroverted, Wing loves to glide into new areas and make friends with the locals. They do not tend to stay in one place for long as they are nomadic and follow where the good weather is. They particularly like places with an ocean view. With its powerful wings, Wing is able to attack with powerful gusts of wind. They do not bode well in places with not a lot of space.


Crust Network

Crust is extremely efficient and fast. They are serious by nature and get right down to business. They pride themselves on being highly motivated and being able to get things done with speed and precision. Their ambition and determination make them great partners in battle. In its down time, Crust loves jumping and running around rocky areas and climbing high up in trees. When angered they have the ability to suck in heat around them and unleash a powerful fire. They have to be careful as they do not want to accidentally set their habitat on fire. They do not bode well in places with water.


Spider DAO

SpiderDAO loves to hide out in dark and high places. It spins its special web to create a warm and impenetrable home. Scrappy, constructive, and having the need to store things in its home, SpiderDao loves structure and collecting things. They love making an inviting environment for themselves as well as finding rare items. Despite its looks, SpiderDao makes great neighbors. With its powerful web, SpiderDao is able to attack without being noticed. They do not bode well in places with a lot of sun.


Malignant Web: A resilient web shoots out to attack and poison the opponent. SpiderDao is able to spin this web to make a habitat as well.

Sale of the PolkaPets

Not only will these NFTs have unique utility within each partner’s platform, but each card will also play a special role within the World of PolkaPets.

Each of these NFT will have only 800 prints available for a limited time sale on Wednesday and 400 prints to be saved for future promotions.

At 4 PM EST on Wednesday, March 3rd, these PolkaPets cards will be available for sale on BondSwap.

Each card can be purchased in WETH and $BONDLY tokens. Price Per Bondly Token will be pegged on the day of sale.

All prints will be sold on BondSwap.


The links to buy will be released on our official Twitter at 4 PM EST.

The Evolution of PolkaPets

Eventually, with the release of our cards, NFT owners will be able to play interactive games in the PolkaPets world that will reward the user in multiple different ways.

Stay tuned for the announcement of our next PolkaPet Partners!

More about PolkaPets:

Each PolkaPet holds a unique utility that rewards community members for holding that specific PolkaPet NFT in their wallet. This could be a discount on fees, an airdrop of tokens to PolkaPet cardholders, and much more.

Also, in the PolkaPets TCG (Coming Soon), players will be able to pair their PolkaPets against each other in competitive gameplay. Players will earn rewards by winning tournaments, completing storyline tasks, and more.

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PolkaPets is our answer to making blockchain more interactive. Our NFT Collectible Card Game with Unique Utility is Coming Soon!